I hate to say it, but I have finally joined reddit.  I am a redditor. *tips fedora*

I have always thought of reddit as a meme site, a ripoff of 4chan and, at its least offensive, a pale imitator of my beloved Livejournal communities.  In fact, I have actively resisted signing up for reddit despite finding amazing articles and posts there over the years about any topic you can dream of.  However, I am sick at home today and probably a little delirious from cold meds/pain meds/accidentally huffing gas from the fireplace I’ve been laying in front of for 5 straight days, and in my internet browsings I came across a few subreddits that compelled me to bite the bullet:

r/learnart — I have a little bit of natural artistic talent that I’d like to nurture beyond drawing realistic dicks like that kid in Superbad, and this seems like a great place to gain resources and inspiration.

r/SketchDaily — this is exactly what I’ve been looking for, to be honest.  If left to my own devices I will just draw chicks from magazines, random old-timey body parts from my Grey’s Anatomy textbook, or realistic dicks.  So it’s nice to have some variety to challenge myself with daily.

r/worldbuilding — I feel like this is the answer to all of the problems I’ve ever had in writing.  Even if I can only avoid cringeworthiness in fantasy life instead of real life… I’ll take what I can get, and hopefully avoid making some shitty goblins in a Tolkien rip-off in the meantime.  There’s also a reading list that I’d like to tackle at some point.

A couple of the above subreddits are included on an incredible list of 30 subreddits that may assist aspiring artists in attaining their goals.  I hope that this gives you some inspiration in nurturing your own interests, whether they include art, drawing, some other creative pursuit or maybe even something useful and valuable to society.  Take it from me — I am 31 and I’ve recently learned that you are never too old to find more things to fail spectacularly at.


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