It has been a tough year.

It’s been one of those years where every problem seems grow bigger and then clumps together to snowball into one raging disaster that smashes through and consumes your life.

Outside of the super dramatic metaphor, though, it turned out to be mostly okay actually, except for a bunch of my immediate family being hospitalized, some medical diagnoses for myself and a couple of other Issues to deal with.  So I mean a couple of my loved ones are missing internal organs now and we’re all on a lot more anti-depressants but the snowball did NOT, in fact, crush my life.  We survived, but it was hard.  And that’s why I haven’t been posting.

But everything has more or less cleared up, and I am not dead, in jail or pregnant (which is how I measure success at life) and therefore I am a champion.  So now’s the time to relax and try to put life back to normal again… just in time for NaNoWriMo.

As a result of one of the aforementioned Issues, I have adopted a new super-frugal philosophy of living.  I refuse to buy clothes, food or literally anything else I don’t desperately need.  I immediately regretted this once I realized that I idiotically spent like a hundred dollars on Halloween candy and decorations for the TWELVE CHILDREN who showed up at my door last night, and yet can’t ‘allow’ myself to buy a new computer.  Of course, this morning I woke up on the first day of NaNoWriMo to discover that not only was my laptop cord chewed up, but my wireless keyboard is also dead and I can’t get my desktop to move past the ‘safe mode’ option screen.  None of my technology is working.  So here I am, at the public library, about to begin the first 1200 words or so of my soon-to-be shitty fantasy novel with a bunch of school children and hobos looking over my shoulder.

I guess it’s not properly fantasy, actually.  It’s speculative fiction.  It combines elements of horror and sci-fi and shit.  In my head it’s a mash-up of Alfred Bester’s The Stars My Destination and the third book of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.  Also my main character is a wizard who is basically Billy Bob Thornton with magical powers but also brain damage and gangrene.  HOW CAN THIS NOT BE A BEST SELLER.

Stay tuned, jerks, I’m about to rock your world.


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