a submission tracking spreadsheet!

Supercool writer Shannon Barber made a thing that I am about to go download because I have no fucking clue how to do a spreadsheet or what Microsoft Excel even is.  I am also starting to make things that I think other people might even want to read, so I have been considering my approach to submitting work for publication (which is currently not even coherent).  I think, as in all things, being more organized will likely help me succeed in getting published, or at least help me keep track of all the ways I’m NOT getting published.  Otherwise I think I would end up forgetting everything I ever did.  I am that person who loses her keys every single day.  I need a spreadsheet.

Shannon says:

Yesterday, while I was struggling to stay awake at work, I made a wee zip file. Inside this zip file you’ll find a very basic submission tracking spreadsheet along with a txt doc to tell you how to use it and give you some ideas for customization.

Go to here to get your own.


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