a (really really really) belated new year’s post.

I think I made New Year’s resolutions this year, but I didn’t publish them, because I have noticed that putting them out there on the internet seems to guarantee that I will never actually accomplish them.  Also, in the past I would make weight-loss-related resolutions like a moron, thinking that THIS will finally be the year that I lose weight, as if Ben and Jerry’s had  gone out of business on January 1st.  Who am I kidding?  Food is fucking delicious and I want more of it, not less.

Now that I think about it, I actually did make a resolution to read less Stephen King this year, and to expand my horizons with different authors and different genres.  Sadly, that hasn’t been happening.  I haven’t been reading much of anything, and any free time I do have is spent on mindless, passive, numbing activities.  The biggest wrench in my 2015 plans has been my actual job.  I am working a lot of extra hours and also spent nearly a month in the Maritimes for work.

As an aside, you know Charles Hays?  The president of the Grand Trunk Railway and namesake of a variety of educational institutions, streets and parks in Prince Rupert?  He died on the Titanic, and his gloves are on display at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax.  Allegedly, he was wearing them when he died.  While in Halifax, I made a point to seek out the gloves and took a bunch of creepy pictures of them.  I then texted them to a bunch of my Rupert friends with a text reading “CORPSE GLOVES” and then giggled to myself in the shipwreck exhibit for a while, which I guess is when the museum security guards decided to start following me.

It hasn’t all been work.  I have other things to occupy my time, like my growing menagerie of pets, or my feeble attempts at physical fitness.  I’ve been trying to make a point to get more involved in community events, explore my new habitat, and make friends outside of the coworkers who hang out with me out of pity (so far, no dice).  I have read a few books, and have been trying to mix it up between brand-new (or new to me) speculative fiction writers and celebrated ‘literary’ authors.  But to be honest, most of my time has been sucked away by a far more sinister and addictive pastime.  I’ve been seduced into a dark world thanks to being the proud owner of an actual TV for the first time in a decade, and finally having internet fast enough to stream with.  This is the dark spiral known as BINGE WATCHING SHIT ON NETFLIX.

I crushed Breaking Bad and Orange Is The New Black in the last couple of months.  I watched all the TED Talks.  Never have I been so consumed by television since my obsession with Buffy The Vampire Slayer half a lifetime ago.  I fear that I have become a basic bitch whose only interests now are cats, plots and characters of TV series, and my hair (which is super fabulous today, thanks).  That, and every time the sun is actually out, my eyes shrivel, water and burn from the intensity of the sunlight.

I am excited to become more technologically and culturally up-to-date, and to have things to talk to my peers about other than hamster breeding.  Plus, I rely on my phone and a good wifi connection more than I ever thought I would.  I have apps now.  I do Instagram AND Twitter.  My e-book consumption has even started to outweigh my paper-book reading.  But I still stand by the #rotaryphones4lyfe hashtag that I totally invented.  As such, I got a membership for the Prince Rupert library — my first non-university library card in over a decade.  Libraries are SO UNDERRATED.  They have everything there.  It’s even within a short walking distance of my house, so I’ve been trying to go more often.

Recently I went to the library with my Stewart bff, ‘J’, and we spent a couple hours finding books for each other.  Then I got absorbed in a hardcover book about hamster competitions which is apparently a thing that people do.  Then I accidentally dropped a huge stack of books on the floor right when everything was dead quiet, and it was super loud, and all the old people scowled at me, so I’ve been too scared to go back.  BUT STILL.  It’s a magical place.  They even have posters of Hugh Laurie and Patrick Stewart reading books and looking happy.  It makes my heart smile.

I think my biggest goal for this year is time management.  This is probably going to be the busiest year of my life — house renovations, extra work all summer whether I like it or not, volunteering in Prince Rupert, visits from my family who live on the other side of the continent, fitness, and setting aside time to be with my spouse (because we’re STILL in a long distance relationship).  And I’m turning 30, and I still haven’t written anything I’m proud of.  I don’t even have time to take any classes this year as I have been doing for the past few years… so how will I have time to write?

I’ve decided to start following the #amwriting hashtag and use it for inspiration.  Then I am going to use one of those apps that blocks distracting websites from my internets for half an hour or so.  Then I will GET IT DONE.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  At least until Season 3 of OITNB is available on Netflix.  I can’t promise anything after that.


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