Yet another Stephen King blog post.

I was going to post about NaNoWriMo this month, but alas, I have too much stuff to do.

Also I decided I hated my novel idea after like one day

My friend and I are going to just pick a month sometimes next year and do our own thing.  She and I are both travelling a lot this November.

IN THE MEANTIME.  You should totally check out this new Stephen King website, Stephen King Revisited.  Robert Chizmar is rereading all the Stephen King books in chronological order, AND a second blogger will also be providing historical background for each novel.  They will also have special guest bloggers to provide their own take on each story.  He JUST started a week ago, so now’s your chance to follow along with him from the beginning if you fancy doing a similar epic reading project yourself instead of jumping on the NaNoWriMo bandwagon.

I personally did my great Stephen King Reread in 2013 and I didn’t get to finish it because I lost my copy of Dolores Claiborne.  That, and there’s just some books I refuse to read again, like From A Buick 8.  But I can’t wait to nerd out over someone else’s interpretation.  I know I got a lot out of reading along with Grady Hendrix at Tor — he picked up on things that I didn’t see on my second, third, or tenth time reading through some of King’s works.

On a related note, this weekend I will be getting my second Stephen King-themed tattoos.  Luckily I’ve fattened myself up this year so I can fit lots of pictures on one pudgy bicep.


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