the ultimate urbex destination

Sorry I haven’t been updating you guys, I have been really busy!  I’ve been working a lot, but also house hunting.  40 house viewings later, I’m just on the cusp of buying my first home… and of course, shit has gone irreparably sideways.  

But I wanted to share this link with you, because it made my heart smile.  It’s about how four photographers went inside Michael Jackson’s abandoned Neverland Ranch.  I am super jealous — it sounds like the trip of a lifetime.  Most of my “urban exploration” is actually very rural, but old run-down amusement parks are among my favourite places to visit.  THIS WOULD BE THE ULTIMATE DESTINATION.

Then again, I’m not sure if Neverland Ranch counts as an amusement park, or a private residence, or perhaps a bizarre museum, like some kind of weird masturbatory monument to his ego.  Or maybe a freaky recruitment camp of some sort.  None of the above alternate possibilities actually dull my enthusiasm at all.  I wish I could go.


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