a change of scenery

Sorry I haven’t been posting too much, dudettes.  It has been a very busy few weeks!  I have been working more than usual, and I’m also taking a university course, so my free time is pretty much devoted to my husbands (and cats) whenever I can manage it.  But I have been busy for a third reason too, and this reason is very exciting.

I am moving to Prince Rupert!

Prince Rupert is isolated by big city standards, but it is much larger than my current home of Stewart BC. The city is located on a charming and magical island where 12 500 people are crammed into charming and whimsical little old-timey houses painted in bright colours. They have an airport, a highway that goes in more than one direction, rail service, and ferry service. Even more exciting, they have several legit grocery stores where you can buy over three kinds of fruit, SEVERAL gas stations that are even open more than six hours a day, a college (and, hey, a high school), a commercial gym, a dentist, and a vet, and at least one bank, and mechanics who actually are trained to be mechanics.  THEY HAVE A WAL MART.  AND A HOME HARDWARE.  No more rigging home improvements or creating furniture out of things I find at the dump!

AND a Shopper’s Drug Mart and a real movie theatre and cell phone service and a Tim Horton’s and a McDonalds and restaurants that are open all year and don’t even serve expired food!  Holy shit I can’t even contain my excitement and I’m not even being sarcastic!!! Maybe one day I can get my hair cut by a professional and not have to plan an entire day’s worth of travel for it to happen!  It might even be possible to one day get a pap smear at the health centre (they actually probably have a real hospital) and not have everyone in town know the results the next day!

My standard of living is about to go way, way up.

I’m a little nervous about it, too.  For the past four years I’ve lived in Stewart, I haven’t even bothered to lock my house.  I would just routinely leave my laptop and tablet on the front seat of my unlocked car next to my purse and a wad of cash, and walk away without any fears. It’s a really chill place.  So chill that there only about three stop signs in the entire town.  The rest of the streets are marked with yield signs.  I don’t know how I’m going to fare in a town with actual traffic lights and crosswalks, and real parking spaces instead of random swathes of gravel.  

It also occurs to me that standards of living and personal grooming are far different in ‘civilization’.  No longer will I drive my pickup truck the 0.2 kms to the grocery store, emerge from the cab wearing pyjama pants and a stained t shirt with no bra, then sweep my tangled, unbrushed hair back from my shoulders as I greet the store owners.  I barely wear makeup in town because there are people there who literally bathe once a week and it’s legit and accepted — in contrast, tons of face-spackle tends to command too much attention. I just feel like sparkly shit on my face is more offensive there than anything.

There might be actual establishments in Prince Rupert in which I can safely wear high heels instead of falling into a pothole or getting eaten by a bear as I awkwardly stumble away… I guess I should start practicing that.

Things are going to change for sure.  And it’s probably for the best.  But I’m a little nervous as well.  I’ve gotten used to the pace of life here, and I’m not sure I even want that to change.



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