Gitwangax Village

Not long ago I was on a sleep-deprived day trip down Highway 37 in northern British Columbia.  My travels took me through Gitwangax, also called Kitwanga, an area I’ve probably driven through about 400 times without really stopping to examine much more than the snacks at the gas station.  This time was different — I took my time observing the intriguing features of this tiny place.  I’m no Manu Keggenhoff, and also I have a terrible camera.  But I had fun taking photos and rediscovering some cool stuff near the Gitwangak Battle Hill National Historic Site.


10256218_10100407260399590_7097445808636045561_n 10157279_10100407260554280_3778196122090955918_n 10009846_10100407260669050_4772979441116982126_n 988438_10100407260614160_7685000661822094376_n 10247437_10100407260723940_8715808765832098021_n 10258016_10100407260878630_8834039345087148408_n IMG_0145 IMG_014410155011_10100407260958470_778774936968112087_n

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