Soooo one day I went to work, and it was a night shift, so I had been up for roughly 27 hours, which is usually disastrous at the best of times.  During this night shift, I was herping and derping on the internet while on my lunch break, and decided to pick up a few books from Amazon, because I’m apparently book hoarder.  I had no idea where to start on this particular shopping binge, but I had recently read an Ottawa Citizen article about Canada’s “masters of horror and fear” that had stuck in my brain.

I was pretty excited about these new-to-me Canadian authors, and of course, HORROR AND FEAR are always wonderful and classy additions to any bookshelf.  I had also drank like three energy drinks by this time — insane amounts of caffeine plus sleep deprivation are a winning combination for sure.  As a result of this caffeine-fueled inspiration, I bought hard copies of Craig Davidson’s Rust and Bone, Andrew Pyper’s The Demonologist, and The Troop, a horror story written under Craig Davidson’s pen name of Nick Cutter.  (I also picked up e-copies of Pyper’s The Guardians and The Killing Circle, and Davidson’s Cataract City — it’s a book set in Niagara Falls, so of course I’m super psyched about it.)

A few night shifts later, I decided that I need even more books in my life. And I’d had even more energy drinks.  I was still really excited about HORROR AND FEAR, so I decided to buy a couple more books by the same two authors… and completely forgetting about the last shopping spree, I put The Troop into my Amazon cart again and bought it.

So now I have two copies.

I blame “midnights brain”, which is totally the proper clinical term for being so mentally exhausted that you need to inject energy drinks into your bloodstream in order to resemble a functioning live person and prevent (or, in my case, lessen) slackjawed drooling.

So anyway, I have two fancy hardcover copies of The Troop now.  But wait, my foolish loss of $18 is your gain!  I’ve decided to give one of the copies away to a reader of this blog.  Considering I have like twelve followers, your odds of winning are pretty good.  I REALLY enjoyed reading this book, and I know you will too.  (I’m holding off on reviewing it because I want you to be as totally unprepared as I was for the horror death festival that is about to collide with your brain.)

I also want to contribute to awareness of awesome Canadian authors, and to help you to discover awesome new books.  If you’re a horror fan, or you’re also excited to get your hands on something BRAND NEW from a talented Canadian writer, and you want to read A NOVEL OF TERROR, you’ll be pleased to get your hands on a book that was literally JUST published a month ago.  CAPS LOCK!

Even Stephen King liked it — there’s a glowing endorsement from The Original Master Of Horror And Fear printed on the dust jacket.  HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG?

Craig Davidson himself, or someone masquerading as Craig Davidson on the internet, totally gave me permission to give you a book.  Hopefully nobody sues me for this. I actually have no idea how giveaways work.  Literally if you just comment on this post and you live in Canada, I will send it to you.




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