No to Enbridge.

CTV News: Kitimat BC Residents vote “No” on Northern Gateway


MOTHERFUCKING BREAKING NEWS UPDATE.  I have the fingers on the pulse of the community.

I find it REALLY interesting that Enbridge lauched this huge, ridiculous “vote yes” campaign which included going door to door to convince people to vote yes.  They also managed to get into my husband’s apartment complex and left propaganda at each and every door.  What was their budget?  How much did they pay politicians and Enbridge managers to go to people’s homes and harrass them?  Who knows?  Meanwhile, the Douglas Channel Watch raised money from within the community and managed to spend $14 000 — the donors and fundraisers are regular people who actually live in Kitimat, not huge multimillion dollar corporations or investors from out of province (or out of country) whose only stake in the area is cash.  I’d say it’s a win for the latter organization.  It’s a win for Kitimat and for anyone who is concerned about their community and wants to make something happen.

It will be interesting to see how this changes things… IF it does.

Here’s what Desmog Canada had to say:

The vote, although non-binding, is an important part of the public relations battle being waged over Enbridge’s project. Enbridge brought in teams of paid corporate canvassers from out of town, placed full-page ads in northern newspapers and launched a Vote Yes For Kitimat website.

“This vote is confirmation we are going to stand firm and say no to the influence of big oil,” Lange said.

“And coming from our community, a community that has everything to gain form this project, we still say no. We are sending that message throughout B.C. and to Ottawa.”

The cities of Smithers, Prince Rupert and Terrace had already officially opposed the project, as has the Kitimat-Stikine Regional District and dozens of First Nations. The province of British Columbia also said no to the project in its final argument to the joint review panel. However, that panel overrode the province and recommended the project be approved. Now the federal cabinet has until June 19 to announce whether it will grant the project certificate.

Before the plebiscite began, Douglas Channel Watch had $200 in the bank (Enbridge earnings for 2013 were $446 million). When the group committed to its first full-page newspaper ad, members decided they would pay for the remainder themselves if donations wouldn’t cover it — then the money started rolling in.

“People began handing money to us while we were putting up lawn signs, or downtown, and somebody even left an anonymous $2,000 money order in one of our mailboxes,” said Murray Minchin, a member of the group.

Kitimat is located at the beginning of the Douglas Channel, where 225 tankers would be loaded with oil and set sail for Asia each year if Enbridge’s project goes ahead.

For reference:

Douglas Channel Watch: Five Reasons to Say NO

Vancouver Observer: Surreal Enbridge political campaign underway to sway Kitimat to “vote yes” on Enbridge oil pipeline — this legit blew my mind.  And actually, this whole debacle just solidified my “no” vote.  We’re planning to start and raise a family here someday — from an environmental perspective, I don’t want the place ruined by oil tankers and pollution.  And I don’t want the community ruined by politicians who have no problem harrassing you at your door but then hide from cameras. 

Desmog Canada: Enbridge Employees Go Door-to-Door in Kitimat Before Vote on Northern Gateway

CFTK TV News Terrace: Douglas Channel Watch releases plebiscite campaign budget

Kitimat Daily: Who is Douglas Channel Watch?

Vancouver Observer: Kitimat Mayor flash mobbed by ‘No Enbridge’ Protestors at Haisla basketball game — LOL this is my favourite, because the Mayor reminds me of Sarah Palin.  “You don’t mix church and state, and don’t mix recreation and politics.”  WISE AND RELEVANT WORDS.

Vancouver Sun: Kitimat Mayor defends lack of spending controls on campaigning for Northern Gateway vote








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