Northern B.C. towns could be without power for days to come

Sooo we went out of town for a week in February for my husband’s birthday, and to spend some much-needed time together (since we are, in fact, still in a long distance relationship). I came back to this shitshow. Which is why I won’t be doing much updating for the time being.

I did, incidentally, start reading Under The Dome by Stephen King, but I’m taking a break. I’m not wasting my precious candles or flashlight batteries on reading.

Global News

UPDATE: Hydro spokesperson Simi Heer says power was restored Saturday afternoon. She says bad weather made it difficult for the crew to get to the remote mountainside area where the transmission tower needs to be installed. 

The small B.C. town of Stewart has been without power since Tuesday afternoon – and it could be in the dark for a lot longer.

A 55-foot-transmission tower toppled over a remote, mountainside area, causing thousands in Stewart and the surrounding Naas Valley communities to rely on generators for several days.

“We’ve been told…they need a few days to fix it up,” says Galina Durant, the mayor and school trustee of Stewart, the town that borders the Alaskan panhandle.

She says that while the school is closed, the Stewart Health Centre is open, and emergency crews are going door to door to check on people.

“We’re trying to make sure everybody’s warm and has…

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