What I’m Reading: September Edition

Instead of doing any of the things I should be doing, I have decided to reread Good Time Girls of The Alaska-Yukon Gold Rush.  I bought this book in Skagway, Alaska.  I thought it would help me answer questions that I often think about, such as, “What did women DO back before they were legally people?  How did they relate to each other, and to men?  How did they feel about themselves?  What did independent women look like back then?”  That book sort of answered this but then created SO MANY MORE QUESTIONS.

I used to watch Deadwood a lot when it was on, and I was always intrigued by Trixie, Calamity Jane, Joanie Stubbs, and Alma Garrett, and the way they sort of banded together, helped each other and took care of business in their own way while the men were out shooting each other.  Many of the women in Good Time Girls are depicted like that.  Whoredom was different back in those days.  Many of the women were beloved by men of the town and took care of them (while, of course, many others used or were used by the men who were their clients).  But they certainly had a different impact on society than present day prostitutes.  I’m interested in discovering more about the experiences of different types of women during this time period, so the book will come in handy.

I’m also planning to start reading Building The West: The Early Architects of British Columbia.  I bought this years ago but never got a chance to flip through it.  I love architecture (but am ignorant about a lot of it) and I love BC’s creation story, so this should be exciting.

Aaaaand I just bought a book called Small Matters: Canadian Children in Sickness and Health, 1900-1940.  I’m going to write more about this later.

All three of these books are relevant to my interests and to an ongoing creative project that I would like to really ramp up soon.  I’ve finally ended about a decade of writer’s block, which makes me really happy…. but in order to make this into what I want it to be, I will need to do a lot of research on some very specific things and get a really good ‘feel’ for daily life as it was lived from 1900 to around 1925 in certain parts of Canada.

And finally, I’m finishing up Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, which I’ve already read, but decided to pick up again.  I’m about 200 pages into Dark Tower 7.  I’m dreading the end.  But rereading the series has clued me in to a few things I didn’t recall about the Mid World universe… and of course, has also gotten me super pissed about some of Stephen King’s continuity issues and lazy shortcuts.


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